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Inner Mongolia hesheng ecological cultivation forest co. LTD

Inner Mongolia hesheng ecological cultivation forest co., LTD (MENGSHU) was established in 2011 and ringo, founded MENGSHU brand, based on green development concept, on the basis of innovative research and development, is engaged in the ecological construction and afforestation of carbon sink, for ecological construction and environmental governance thoroughly integrated systemic solutions, in improving the ecological environment at the same time, out of an ecological benefit, economic benefit and social benefit balancing development and carbon reduction "win-win" path.


MENGSHU into full play in MENGSHU seedling, ecological restoration, ecological landscape of lead and the demonstration effect, and actively cooperate with scientific research institutes, integration of resources, continuous innovation, to participate in industry, national standards establishment and the patent filing, build the business of the company based on the long-term competitiveness of science and technology.


In terms of ecological construction, MENGSHU has made efforts to innovate mechanisms in the construction of national key projects, such as land greening, returning farmland to forest, sanbei forest protection, Beijing and tianjin wind and sand source control. As a leading enterprise in China's forestry industrialization, MENGSHU has made contributions to the mitigation of climate change and the prevention and control of air pollution through the development and construction of carbon sink forestry and the implementation of systematic rehabilitation projects. In shengle international ecological demonstration area in Inner Mongolia, projects, afforestation of international carbon sinks in strict accordance with the requirements of implementation, success back to 40000 mu of vegetation degeneration of the loess hills, 30 years maintenance period fixed 220000 tons of carbon dioxide, success under the CDM mechanism of clean carbon sink us $2 million deal with Disney company. Mengeshu actively participated in the ecological construction of the 2022 Beijing - zhangjiakou winter Olympic Games, and implemented such projects as carbon forest for the winter Olympic Games, ecological corridor landscape improvement project for the chongli winter Olympic Games, reserve forest base for xuanhua district, etc. About 2.3 million trees were planted in the winter Olympic carbon forest project, and more than 30,000 mu of barren mountainous wasteland was restored. During the 30 year project, about 380,000 tons of carbon dioxide could be absorbed. It has made positive contributions to improving the ecological environment, protecting biopersity and coping with global climate change. MENGSHU at the same time explore the government leading, enterprise implement, YingZaoLin mechanisms of farmers' participation, to carry out the construction of economic forest, through the implementation of the qingshui river, one million mu of fruit base for poverty alleviation, implements the precision forestry poverty alleviation and out of poverty, both at the same time in the enterprise development of people's livelihood and economic development of the region.


Seedling cultivation, MENGSHU seedling production, scientific research, variety innovation, combination of popular science education, build efficient ecological seedling demonstration base, ecological seedling base has built 38000 mu of high level, with high quality seeds seedlings more than 90 million strains. Based on serving the ecological construction of Inner Mongolia and radiating northwest and north China at the same time; In Inner Mongolia bayannur, ulanqab, hollinger and hebei established seedling breeding bases. It has been awarded the titles of "the demonstration base of fine planting seedlings in Inner Mongolia autonomous region", "the national forest planting and seedling base in Inner Mongolia and sheng", and "the national key leading enterprise in forestry". The abundant reserves and excellent quality of the base provide abundant seedling resources for the ecological construction of sanbei area.


Based on industry development, MENGSHU set up ecological science and technology research institute, set up close, a wide range of production, with the cooperation mechanism, the company built MENGSHU forest tree germplasm resources nursery, comprehensive implementation realization "choose, yukon, numerous, push" the integration of high quality seedling output industrial chain. Planning and construction with a total area of about 1100 mu, the collection tree species, 300 kinds, of which 200 kinds of local tree species in arid, after four years of construction, has completed 260 species of collection, construction of mesh clove garden, Chinese flowering crabapple garden, yu, honeysuckle, rose, pine PiaoYuan 12 areas, such as the future garden not only become a forest tree germplasm resources collection, conservation, development base, at the same time also can become and salinger's first botanical garden, trees such as popular science exhibition, ecological civilization education activities.


Ecological garden, MENGSHU currently consists of two subsidiaries: Beijing MENGSHU ecological environment construction co., LTD., Inner Mongolia MENGSHU landscape engineering construction co., LTD, provides the omni-directional integration services, combined with sponge city idea, the LID low impact development model applied to ecological construction projects, make functioning ecological landscape for the city to provide comprehensive services. The use of menmeng shu seedlings has achieved remarkable results in reducing costs and improving project quality, forming a virtuous cycle of the combination of upstream and downstream industries of the project. Company implemented the hampshire area on baby river belt park, urban public green space landscape renovation, chifeng city and so on many of the PPP project as a regional benchmarking project, has played a more ecological service functions of city landscape architecture.


Energy saving of science and technology, as an ecological construction enterprise, MENGSHU in construction on the low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection, we are now MENGSHU headquarters office building is the first company in Inner Mongolia is also the only one to obtain the energy design and pioneer award for LEED gold certification. From section, energy saving, water saving, material saving, etc, has played a good environmental protection application and environmental protection demonstration effect, a heating season, is expected to save 308 tons of standard coal, equivalent to a reduction of 719 tons of CO2, the equivalent of planting 38600 plant height 2 meters of trees absorb the amount of carbon dioxide a year.



So far, we have to build high quality nursery stock base has reached 38000 mu, nursery stock base are mainly distributed in huhhot, baotou, wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia and bayinnaoer, chifeng, duolun, hebei paddock, zhangjiakou, three north areas such as northern chahar; Distribution project is formed on the basis of service in Inner Mongolia, radiation throughout the northwest in north China (Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, baotou, duolun, chifeng, hebei zhangjiakou, gansu, ningxia, shaanxi, Beijing area). It also set up 7 branches in sanbei region (Hohhot, ulanqab, bayannaur, hulunbuir, urumqi, taiyuan, shanxi, zhangjiakou, hebei).



Inner Mongolia is one of the important ecological security barrier in north China, MENGSHU will comprehensively implement the spirit of the national ecological environment protection convention on go ahead and make a demonstration, MENGSHU in ecological restoration, forestry carbon sequestration and environmental governance to explore, promote green development, strive to build the motherland northern xinjiang miles the great green wall. People in mengeshu will make unremitting efforts to give full play to the advantages of enterprises, establish and practice the idea that green water and green mountains are the golden mountain and silver mountain, and strive to be an important builder and contributor to China's ecological construction!